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November 20, 2010

While observing the JH Rose Rampants Football team they used many words relevant to their subculture.  Here are some of the words they used and there meanings. Team Time –  When the team gathers together at the end of practice.  The first team offense goes against the 1st team defense in a type of scrimmage. […]

Dw Box #25

November 11, 2010

Death Row:  Going to Mr. Davenport’s office was know as going to death row Hamidowns: The blacks got the hamidown clothes and books from the whites Fellowship:  When pray takes places Chaplin: Mr. Jones was the class chaplian Wealth:  No one was discriminated against because they were wealthy. together:  In the summer it did not matter if […]

DW #21

November 5, 2010

-Communicate with teacher -Bring artifacts be ready to discuss -You can not plan for everything -Do Not Interupt -Make them feel welcome Mayor of fountainville Degree in criminal justice elizabeth state university North fountain high school 1970 1st threw 3rd grade was a grade school bundy in fountain ville grade were split up did not […]

DW #19

November 5, 2010

The photo of Mr. Davenport in front of C.M. Eppes can be conveyed in many ways. It is focused on him with the school in the background showing he is a surperior a black man in that time.  From viewing it I can see many things such as him as a black man triumphing of […]

DW #16

November 1, 2010

As I walked through the two front doors I entered a very large hallway.  I saw a sign that said visitors this way so i followed that , which made me turn right, upon turning right I was brought to a desk where a middle aged lady was sitting.  She instructed me to sign in […]

Dw #13

November 1, 2010

Since I was born my family has had the tradition of going to Cancun, Mexico every year for Thanksgiving.  When I was ten my mom and I went to a jewelry store there and I purchased a necklace, that had a little Nike shoe on it.  I purchased one because for as long as I […]

DW #10

November 1, 2010

When I enter a fieldwork there are some rules that I have set out for myself.  Since I am not from the south, the way that I participated in high school football maybe completely different.  In saying that I have laid out these guidelines to keep me from going off track. 1.Before I begin my […]

Positioning Yourself

October 5, 2010

Positioning Yourself While performing my study at J H Rose High School, I know that there will be a few things that will affect my study. When the word segregation comes to mind I think of such things as Emit Till, or beatings of other African Americans at that time. I do not know how […]

DW #17

September 20, 2010

Hierarchy Diagram

Exploratory Writing

September 20, 2010