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-Communicate with teacher

-Bring artifacts be ready to discuss

-You can not plan for everything

-Do Not Interupt

-Make them feel welcome

Mayor of fountainville

Degree in criminal justice elizabeth state university

North fountain high school 1970 1st threw 3rd grade was a grade school

bundy in fountain ville

grade were split up did not really leave the room for different classes

1 teacher per grade

Fredrick gram principal

4th grade schools intergraded

racial slurs  when schools segregrated

seperate prom activitys

high schools is when conflicts started


The photo of Mr. Davenport in front of C.M. Eppes can be conveyed in many ways. It is focused on him with the school in the background showing he is a surperior a black man in that time.  From viewing it I can see many things such as him as a black man triumphing of difficultys that he as a black man may have faced.  He is wearing a suite with a bow tie looking away from the camera making him look very professional.

It reminds me of very iomportant black figures such as Barack Obama, or Jessie James.  I know that Davenport was a very highly respected man.  Seeing as How the Greenville Industrial School was such a highly respected school  I assume that this picture was trying to portray that.

– Mr. Davenport

-He was a very highly respected man

-Treated his students like family

– People Person

-Father figure taught them many life lessons and teachings

-Uses the Picture to reflect on the old times

-Thinks of as a very important time in there life

– African American man


Chronicles of Pitt County North Carolina (Pitt County Schools Brief History, Willis Haynie Davenport)

Gives us a brief summary of the Mr. Davenport the principal who took over after the schools name was changed.  It also gave us a picture of the first graduating class from C.M. Eppes High School.

Agriculture Education Industry. (1760). The Greenville Graded School: Public Education for All Children. Chronicles of Pitt County: Pitt County Historical Society .

Talks about Mr. Eppes  personality nd his teaching methods in the early days of the Greenville Graded School.

Hill, S. (2010). Behind The Names.

This book talks about the meanings to all the names of the schools in Pitt County.  With that being said in away it is a little biography of Mr. Charles Eppes.  It tells us of his family interested and his career as a instructor.

Personalities in Progress: Biographies of Black North Carolinians . (1985).

This gives us a written account into important black figures in North Carolina. Mr. Eppes is in it and again it tells us about his personality and what type of man he was.

Hunsucker, S.E. (ed.). (2005). Chronicles of pitt county north carolina volume II. Winston-Salem, NC: Pitt County Historical Society, Incorporated

Again is just a newer account of the C.M. Eppes Highschool and what it was like to attend that school.


As I walked through the two front doors I entered a very large hallway.  I saw a sign that said visitors this way so i followed that , which made me turn right, upon turning right I was brought to a desk where a middle aged lady was sitting.  She instructed me to sign in on the clipboard. She instructed me to the football field when I reached it, it felt as if time froze.  I stood there because it just brought back so many memories of my high school football days of me scoring touchdowns, and hanging out with my football buddies.  The Friday night lights and warm weather were all there.  It was a great feeling.


Since I was born my family has had the tradition of going to Cancun, Mexico every year for Thanksgiving.  When I was ten my mom and I went to a jewelry store there and I purchased a necklace, that had a little Nike shoe on it.  I purchased one because for as long as I can remember I have been in love with sneakers, also I have always been known to be pretty fast so I thought that would be a good way to resemble it.  Since that day I bought the necklace I have never taken the necklace off, it resembles much more today then what it did when I first bought it.


When I enter a fieldwork there are some rules that I have set out for myself.  Since I am not from the south, the way that I participated in high school football maybe completely different.  In saying that I have laid out these guidelines to keep me from going off track.

1.Before I begin my observations and fieldwork I need to report what I am doing to the proper officials.  They need to know what I will be doing so that it does not come as a surprise to them.

2.Secondly I need to make sure that I will not be objectify any subculture’s or individuals in my proposals.  I need to focus on the broader view and not single anybody out.  If I do decide to do that I need to make sure that I approve by the person I am writing about before it is published.

3.  During my observations I need to be assertive and if something may not be going the way I like I need not interfere with it.

4. When it comes time to interview I need to be prepared.  I can not pull question off the top of my head I need to have them written down and ready to go.  So the person being interview can see that I am serious, prepared, and ready to go.


MP #1

For my project in English 1200 I was given the task to choose a school and trace that schools history and explain what it was like prior to segregation.  I decided I would first choose the school that I was originally researching, but shortly after I found out that JH Rose High School had never previously been segregated.  Then I decided to pursue C.M Eppes Middle School, C.M standing for Charles Montgomery.

Charles Montgomery’s parents were slaves so naturally he was born into slavery, although this was the case he did not let this stop him from succeeding.  He loved going to school, he received his college education at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina.  In 1903 Charles Eppes returned to Greenville, and was giving the job to be the principal of the Greenville Industrial School.  After Charles Eppes Death on September 30th, 1942 the school was renamed in May of 1942.  Charles Montgomery was married twice he had one child by his first wife; his second marriage was to Annie Enos.  Mr. Eppes kept his employees close to him in 1928 a Mr. Davenport came to Greenville he was given the job as biology mathematics and football coach at Greenville Industrial High School, he was later appointed principal after Charles Eppes died.

As I stated above in 1903 Charles Montgomery was appointed the Principal of the Greenville Industrial School which later became known as the C.M. Eppes High School, although the school is no longer in existence I have found through my research an alumni organization in honor of Mr. Eppes.  They are called the Greenville Industrial-Charles Montgomery Eppes High School Alumni Association there purpose is to hand out scholarships to children’s regardless of their race, color, and to instill there teachings that they learned due to Charles Eppes onto others.

Not much is known about C.M. Eppes Middle School, we do know that originally it was called the Greenville Industrial School the name was change to honor Mr. Eppes after his death to C.M. Eppes High School after that burned down in 1970.  In 1986 Greenville City Schools merged with Pitt County Schools, individual schools merged in 1986 which created a 30 schooling system.  The old J. H. Rose High School which was located on Elm Street was changed to C. M. Eppes Middle School.

When integration started in the 1950’s the community did not take to it very well at all.  Although our country is supposed to live by the statement of “Separate but Equal” that is hardly what went on in the past.  In some cases it still goes on now.

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What Surprised Me?

In viewing my notes there were a few things that surprised me.  Everytime the students walked out for practice the blacks were always with the blacks and the whites with the whites.  But when it came time for practice to start the spreaded out and were talking to each other.

What Intrigued me ?

Was every time the coach needed something done right he seem to call on the African American players.  I was intrigued by this because there were clearly some white players better but he called on the African Americans.

What disturbed me ?

The only thing that really disturbed me was how the students were treated I feel as if some of the faculty is on a power trip.




A student at JH Rose from the outside seems to have the same privileges that any normal American teenager would have.  He was well equipped with fairly new things for his football practice, his parents were there to pick him up after practice.  Although there were some kids on the team who had all new things and sometimes would rub it in his face or would have better athletic ability .

To have more M&M’s than my neighbor is kind of sad that shows that are world is still not equal, compared to me I think that I share a few more privileges. which makes me feel really  blessed to have the support I do.  I can change this by when I get over maybe giving back to the less fortunate.