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Cover Letter

Dear Dr. West-Puckett,

In this cover letter I Wynton Fox a member of the English 1200 service learning class of fall 2010. Will be going over many things, such as my attendance in class, have I put in effort and met due dates, have I put in good amounts of class participation, descriptions about my annotated bibliography’s.  The perspectives I wrote my mini ethnographies in and the research process that I took, followed by my discussion of my final drafts, my peer feedback and a discussion of what grade I think I deserve in the course.


During this semester I know that I have attended every single class except for one.  The reason that I was not able to attended one class was because I had woken up that morning throwing up.  Since my roommate is also in class with me I made sure that he told, and showed me everything we did that day so that I would not fall behind. I made sure that my blog and notes where up to date with that classes work.  I feel that I regularly participated in classroom activates and discussions.  Even though there was one instants where my participation was questioned and I had to meet with Mrs. West-Puckett before I could return to class.  I even made time to go visit the instructor during my free time to see if there was work I could do over a break to get ahead.  I also made sure that I attended every group gathering that we had and contributed greatly.

Although my blog may have been a little bit out of order due to me not naming some boxes by their correct names, I made sure that all my boxes were posted on time.  If they were not I made sure that as soon as I received the email from you, or was told in class by you that certain ones were not up to date I went on and fix the ones that were mentioned.  On certain products we would have to have them posted and then go back and add or take away from them as if they were a draft, I followed the instructions giving to me and reviewed them, and they were reposted.  While conducting our research on Major Project Number One we decided instead of typing a paper we were going to switch to a digital timeline.  This timeline was not something that could be done by one person it would take great group contribution, and I believe that I contributed and large amount, by doing my part in the research department of it and making sure my post to it were up in time for the teacher to see the progress.  My main part was to gather all the photographs for the project.

In doing revisions of my annotated bibliographies, I first was not too sure how to do them, because we had never done these in high school so they were very short.  Upon turning them in since they were so short I was told that I needed to add more information into them so I made sure, to come to you to ask what parts I was lacking information in them so that I could fix them.  Upon receiving your advice I went back and fixed them.  With the revision of my ethnographies I made sure that they were posted on my blog before class so that I could participate in the peer reviews.  In these peer reviews I got such comments that my paper was lacking interviews, and that it was a little short on length.  I also received comments then we needed more pictures and that things needed to be sighted.  I was really thankful for the outlines and examples that the class book showed us.  Also for the positive and negative feedback I received.  It helped me a lot in my planning and preparation of my projects.

If I had to pick a particular way to describe how my drafts address the audience, I would have to describe it to be on a personal level.  I typed it in such a way to really connect with the audience, so that they could really feel and experience what I did in my research.  In doing this research I had to do some extensive research in the library, searching for worthy sources.  It was not an easy task trying to find information about Charles Eppes middle school or Charles Eppes himself.  There was very little information about Charles Eppes himself in that collection which made it very difficult.  I was also fairly new to researching in the library because we did not do too much of it in high school.

With the revising of my major projects as I stated above there was no special way I went about it.  I made sure I had everything that I needed when I reported to class so that my peers could take a look at what I had completed.  When I went for my conference with the teacher I made sure to have my draft posted to my blog and that I was ready to engage in constructive criticism of my paper.  I was asked to identify any problems that I was facing.  This idea of being able to present my paper to my teacher before I actually had to turn it in was a big help.  I was able to hear my teacher thoughts, and input so that I could change the paper to how she liked it, and not be surprised by any of her grading methods.

Now that I have talked a lot about my papers getting reviewed I am going to talk about the process of me peer reviewing my class mate’s papers.  I was lucky enough to have one of my classmates as one of my roommates so it made it easy for us when we needed someone else’s opinion on one of our papers. When I read his papers I made sure that I gave him negative feedback, but I made sure that I also gave him positive feedback.  When I was in class and asked to go over other classmates work, I made sure that I also gave them positive and negative feedback.  I also gave them little pointers of maybe adding a picture here and there to make it a little more appealing.

With the conclusion of this class in a few days, I feel that I deserve a B in the class.  I have made an effort to attend every single class, although I have only missed one due to sickness.  In the beginning of this semester if I was asked this question I would have said differently because I did not think I would be able to complete all this writing.  With the help of my peers and you I have been able to get through it.  In the beginning of the semester I struggled with my annotated bibliographies but I stuck to them and I think I have made a drastic improvement from where I was at.  I believe I made large contributions to our class discussions, although I was questioned about it.  I enjoyed doing Major project number 2 which was a huge surprise to me; I did not feel that I would enjoy it at all.  I was able to go out on my own and do research the way that I liked it.  I feel that I have upheld my end of the student contract that I signed in the beginning of the year.



Wynton N. Fox



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