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Writers memo

This memo is me describing of what I have done so far in my mini ethnography.Where I think I will be going in my mini ethnography.Maybe if I have had any trouble writing this paper.  I will also ask myself what has worked, and is there anymore help I may need from my teacher.

When I started to write this mini ethnography I was not quite sure how to do it, because I had never written one before.  I took a look at the guidelines for the paper and just started writing.  Once I finished this I went back and added such things in like citations, and some pieces from my interview.  Once of the interesting things that I came across was that without a doubt the head coach had even thought that the treatment of athletes had  changed, I thought that he may think there would still be a little bit of bias towards them.  I was surprised to find that I did not come across anything I did not expect, I did however discovery this football team is a lot like mine where everyone seems to get along like brothers.  To be honest I am very satisfied with my outcome, I laid out a hypothesis and went out and proved it.

My favorite piece of this project is what I was able to prove it shows that the world is beginning to become a better place.

With the closing of this project I plan to work on my conclusion to close it out.

I will probably use this in one of my business management classes to get across a point about cultural differences.

I would like my reader to focus on what the coach said an insider who is involved in this interaction pretty much everyday.

Also focus on the conclusion with me stating what I have really learned from this project.

I would like to receive reader response through a memo, I think it is the easiest way to deal with it.


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