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MP#2 Draft 1

MP #2

For the longest of time high school sports have been a big part in a lot of kids lives during their four years attending their respected high schools.  But before the segregation of schools the competitions may have not been as competitive.  Blacks played Blacks and Whites played White, so there was not racial diversity.

Through doing my research of JH. Rose High school I found many differences about how blacks used to be treated and how they are treated with this generation. Although JH. Rose High School was never segregated that does not mean that did not face problems that originated from race.  Like all schools in the South then just because blacks and whites went to school together does not mean that they got along.  Blacks and Whites played on the same football team in 1957 at JH. Rose but did not get along. The White children view themselves as being the ones who belonged there, and also thought that the blacks did not even deserve to play sports. With this being said they were mean to them and teased and taunted them.  The Whites received the newer equipment while the blacks got the old gear, they also got less playing time.  Because they were just not seen as equals.


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