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DW #19

The photo of Mr. Davenport in front of C.M. Eppes can be conveyed in many ways. It is focused on him with the school in the background showing he is a surperior a black man in that time.  From viewing it I can see many things such as him as a black man triumphing of difficultys that he as a black man may have faced.  He is wearing a suite with a bow tie looking away from the camera making him look very professional.

It reminds me of very iomportant black figures such as Barack Obama, or Jessie James.  I know that Davenport was a very highly respected man.  Seeing as How the Greenville Industrial School was such a highly respected school  I assume that this picture was trying to portray that.

– Mr. Davenport

-He was a very highly respected man

-Treated his students like family

– People Person

-Father figure taught them many life lessons and teachings

-Uses the Picture to reflect on the old times

-Thinks of as a very important time in there life

– African American man


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