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NC Sources

Chronicles of Pitt County North Carolina (Pitt County Schools Brief History, Willis Haynie Davenport)

Gives us a brief summary of the Mr. Davenport the principal who took over after the schools name was changed.  It also gave us a picture of the first graduating class from C.M. Eppes High School.

Agriculture Education Industry. (1760). The Greenville Graded School: Public Education for All Children. Chronicles of Pitt County: Pitt County Historical Society .

Talks about Mr. Eppes  personality nd his teaching methods in the early days of the Greenville Graded School.

Hill, S. (2010). Behind The Names.

This book talks about the meanings to all the names of the schools in Pitt County.  With that being said in away it is a little biography of Mr. Charles Eppes.  It tells us of his family interested and his career as a instructor.

Personalities in Progress: Biographies of Black North Carolinians . (1985).

This gives us a written account into important black figures in North Carolina. Mr. Eppes is in it and again it tells us about his personality and what type of man he was.

Hunsucker, S.E. (ed.). (2005). Chronicles of pitt county north carolina volume II. Winston-Salem, NC: Pitt County Historical Society, Incorporated

Again is just a newer account of the C.M. Eppes Highschool and what it was like to attend that school.


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