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DW #10

When I enter a fieldwork there are some rules that I have set out for myself.  Since I am not from the south, the way that I participated in high school football maybe completely different.  In saying that I have laid out these guidelines to keep me from going off track.

1.Before I begin my observations and fieldwork I need to report what I am doing to the proper officials.  They need to know what I will be doing so that it does not come as a surprise to them.

2.Secondly I need to make sure that I will not be objectify any subculture’s or individuals in my proposals.  I need to focus on the broader view and not single anybody out.  If I do decide to do that I need to make sure that I approve by the person I am writing about before it is published.

3.  During my observations I need to be assertive and if something may not be going the way I like I need not interfere with it.

4. When it comes time to interview I need to be prepared.  I can not pull question off the top of my head I need to have them written down and ready to go.  So the person being interview can see that I am serious, prepared, and ready to go.


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