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Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s America was plagued with racial segregation.  It was not until the late 1960”s that schools were finally intergrated and Black’s and White went to school together.

What I am looking to do with this project is look at JH Rose High school prior to intergration.  Although JH Rose was not part of this I am sure that I can still get great insight into what the atmosphere was like around that time.

I would like to perform this project because I myself am a African American.  With that being said all of my family is from the north so they did not get to experience the South during the time of desegregation.  I would like to explore it so I myself can see if there were any differences between the North and South.

After discussing my intentions with the JH Rose principal yesterday I will be conductiong my research interviewing and observations of this particular school.   My interviews will consist of individuals who either attended the school or work there at that time.

After completing this it will give Pitt County residents more insight into what there community was like at the time of segregation


Smith, G. (2007). Blindsided by HISTORY. Sports Illustrated106(15), 66-75. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

This article describes a 1957 high school football team in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The team was ranked the best high school football team in the nation at the time.  One of the first racial integrations of that time had just taken place.  Which would later be known as the” Little Rock.”

Letchworth, B. (2009, September 9). Pitt County teacher turnover declines. Daily Reflector, The (Greenville, NC) n.pag. Retrieved September 20, 2010, from NewsBank on-line database (America’s Newspapers)

This article talks about Teacher Turnover in Pitt County.  In the Past few years it has decreased drastically, with the national rate being higher then what it is in Pitt County.

Delmont, M. (2010). The Plight of the “Able Student”: Ruth Wright Hayre and the Struggle for Equality in Philadelphia’s Black High Schools, 1955–1965. History of Education Quarterly50(2), 204-230. doi:10.1111/j.1748-5959.2010.00260.x.

This Article talks about the work that a certain African American Principal did in the Philadelphia area during the times of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It also talks about the obstacles that the African American student population faced at that time.  This principal expresses the academic inequality that the African Americans faced.

BORMAN, G., & DOWLING, M. (2010). Schools and Inequality: A Multilevel Analysis of Coleman’s Equality of Educational Opportunity Data. Teachers College Record112(5), 1201-1246. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

This article consist of the study of equality of Educational Opportunity, it talks about the equality productivity in America.  It goes into depth about a students family background and his or her social composition.  Also the study that was conducted all over America on the Equality’s in schools.

Proposal 2

My next major project branches off of number one.  Instead of focusing on segregation I am going to be looking at African American Athletes.

With this project I will also be researching JH Rose High school, but this time I will be researching the African American football players and their facilities. To see if there was a difference between how they were treated  during segregation and now.

I personally would like to view this because I myself am a African American athlete, and I wanna know if how I am being treated now maybe different from how my dad was treated when he played.

Finally I will be performing my research by attending the schools football practice and observing the African American players, I will also take a look into their locker rooms.  With this I will perform my analysis of them.

With doing this I will really be able to tell if the athletic world has over come the world of racial segregation.


White The Daily Reflector, J. (2005, October 30). Fears threaten racial balance. Daily Reflector, The (Greenville, NC) n.pag. Retrieved September 20, 2010, from NewsBank on-line database (America’s Newspapers)

As the Pitt County school board made the decision to reshape the attendance lines to equal out racial balance.  They are rushed to do so by parents and the mayor or they will not reach their goal.

Holmstrom, D. (1996, February 27). A high school hero and the question of race. Christian Science Monitor, p. 16. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

Issues of race and discrimination, and how it separates two towns in Southern California, until a local black football player brings them together.

Equality of Opportunity. (2001). In World of Sociology, Gale. Retrieved from

This scholarly article entails the opportunity of equality.  It talks about the equal chances that every race should have that does not involve there background but the person that they are.


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