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Sub Cultures

Since I got my license when I was fifth teen I have always been very interested in Volkswagens.  Something about that car company has always attracted me to them.  I’m not sure if it’s there car enthusiast community, there hilarious commercials, or there excellent car models.  But I do know one thing that since I got my brand new 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit when I got my license I have felt like I am part of a family.  Usually when fellow Volkswagen drivers pass each other on the road, they throw a peace sign up to each other.  This is just a special thing that all the drivers share, also there are such things that the drivers will do to their cars, like euro plates or put silly stickers on them that have to do with Volkswagen or the model car that they are driving.

The VW Company has also created special things just for VW drivers such as creative commercials, special promotions, or special cruises to events.  In July I participate in something called Kreuzerfest, this was where the entire VW enthusiast in the Northern Virginia and D.C., Maryland area met at the VW of America headquarters in Virginia.  From there about 45 VW’s cruised up interstate 95 to Englishtown, New Jersey where Waterfest 16 was being held, this is the largest Volkswagen car show on the east coast.  People came from all over the United States just for this two day event.  The Volkswagen Company also attended this; this was where the public got its first view of the 2010 Jetta.  Which I exclusively got to cruise up interstate 95 with along with other exclusive Volkswagen models.  After being part of these wonderful events, and these fun things that VW plans for its drivers I have decided that when I am older my family will drive nothing but Volkswagens.


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  1. The 2010 Jetta tdi is one sweet, sweet ride.

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