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Groundwork Activity

Groundwork Activity

-Pitt County



-The Smarter Children


-Football Games

-Social events


-Regular Students

In fieldworking at J H Rose High school I would like to investigate the Jocks, the Cafeteria, and possibly the Cheerleaders.  What special rituals to the Jocks do to make you a Jock or cool enough to hang out with them?  Do they have a special language?  Is there a certain seating arrangement in the cafeteria?  Is the cafeteria where the main subculture identification takes place?  Are the Cheerleaders friends with everyone?  Do they fit the stereotype that they are only friends with each other and the jocks?  How do those two subcultures treat the Smarter Children?  Find the answers to these questions maybe a challenge.  I will have to observe without being noticed?  The problem with this is trying to study the Jocks, how will I get them to maybe except me into their group as one of them so that they do their regular things around me.  What will stop them from acting there regular way if i am around.  How will I fit in with the cheerleaders, so that I can learn about them and there rituals, behaviors, and languages, maybe I can do a little bit of pre research so that I can find out what I need to do to fit in.  With the cafeteria where will I sit?  Will I be able to sit with the Jocks, Cheerleaders, or be accepted by the smarter kids, or will I just be forced to sit by myself and be judged.  By doing a little bit of pre research maybe I can determine what I need to do and say to fit in with the proper groups.  What restrictions will I receive from the school what can I do and what can’t I do?  Will I be able to interview or chat with students outside of the school?

In these subcultures is there already an established leader?  If so how do I establish myself with him or her, what role does each person play in the subculture?  If there is no leader who do they look to for social gatherings, hangouts, or events?  Do the cheerleaders and Jocks see them self’s as the leaders of J H Rose?   Are they seen as the leaders?  What do the teachers, other student body, and maybe community view them as.


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