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Zollo, R. (2007). An Ethnographic Study: “Friday Night at Iowa 80”. Bedford/St. Martin’s. p. 25-44

Summary: Zollo’s sources of data came from many places some being interviews with truck drivers; he also sent a letter to the general manager of the employees to get information on them.  Also he performed research in books.  He proves or disproves his ideas by questioning the truckers he comes in contact with.  He essentially interprets that truck drivers are regular people just like you and me.  The popular culture is Caucasian blue-collar male.  This is considered a culture because this group represents the majority of the industry.  After reading his writing I am convinced about truck drivers.  Through traveling I do see these people and places he describes, although I do not understand what it would be like to be an insider in this culture.

Nikolic, I. (2007). A Community Action Study: “House for the Homeless”. Bedford/St. Martin’s. p. 45-55

Summary: Nikolic’s sources of data came from first hand experiences, interviews; she was a volunteer at the homeless shelter.  Again it is confirmed through interviews; her interpretations are that of that most of them are from third world countries.  She tells us that she comes across Bosnian, Cuban, Somali, Russian, and Vietnam.  Because she was brought up being taught that these were certain types of cultures.  From reading her piece she has convinced me, yes I can see these places she describes them very vividly.  Yes after reading this I can understand what it would be like to be art of this culture.


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  1. Extend your responses here by generating content from the questions on p. 25.

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